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With men sending so many messages and getting very little response, they tend to write to many women.

Online dating email call to action

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Focusing on a key feature and how it benefits your subscriber will keep them engaged in your mailing.

Once you have them interested in how you are going to make their life better then it becomes your job to give them an opportunity to act on their need. If you are simply describing a bunch of features without relating why someone would want those features then you leave people wondering why they should care.

In the real dating world this advice certainly has a few defenders, though it’s beginning to feel old-fashioned.

In the online dating world, it’s not a policy that’s proven very effective, and here’s why.

Playing "First-Phone-Call Chicken"So now that we’ve taken care of how you make the call, you may be asking who should make the first call?

Even better, email drives more conversions than any other marketing channel. Email messages go directly to the recipient, as opposed to a social channel like Facebook, which will deliver your post to a small fraction of your fans.

According to one report, 66% of online consumers made a purchase because of an email they received. Best of all, you know everyone on your list wants to receive your emails, otherwise, they wouldn’t have signed up or they’d unsubscribe.

What about that book The Rules from a few years back? It’s called and it’s an online system that allows both people to talk on the phone without revealing their phone numbers, which eliminates some of the unease that can come with placing a call.

Let’s begin by mentioning an e Harmony feature that can make the entire process easier and less daunting.