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Aladdin was and is still the most successful brand of non-pressurized kerosene mantle lamp.

They did not achieve this success because they had the best lamp design but because they had a good product and leading edge marketing.

." "Any residual lamp oil will also be drained prior to shipping." ". In the first place, there was never a Pullman Silver Palace Car Company.

Variations with both large and small or no reflectors have surfaced, but the poor lettering is always a tip-off. Here is a fine example of a lamp with a fake tag to boost the price as high as a naive buyer will pay.

Our Teak furniture comes in many different types and sizes, from our Javanese boat wood furniture to our a dark shallack stain.

We have close personal ties with the families and take great pride in building up good, strong relationships with them.

Visit our links page for other sites that feature information on fake items. Beware of sellers that use language like: "Antique Looking. The people we deal with are paid directly by ourselves thus ensuring that all monies go directly to them.Step into the soft furnishing area of Oasis and be amazed.The Aladdin is simply a pleasure to operate, too, with no pumping required. And, burns at peak efficiency without the usual is there smoke or odor associated with common wick lamps.Aladdin is the best non-electric lamp you can find on the planet. Have your Aladdin ready, when the electricity fails.The Oasis is a unique shop based on the Isle of Wight selling Teak furniture, Cushions, Candles, flowers, homeware and much more.