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Race will continually be injected into their relationship because society will put a big red stamp on their foreheads that reads, “This is different.” We want to highlight the experiences of people in interracial relationships.

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Otherwise Sisulizer can not determine the exact resource string context.

For example if My_has the following resource string It is highly recommend to specify project file.

Monday, We have released GExperts 1.38 with support for RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin and 10.2 Tokyo.

Tokyo support is considered an early beta release, but a few people have tested it with success.

(thanks to Labutin Pavel for report) * fixed: critical bug “Lazy Delphi Builder search paths” were not loaded from Lazy DBP profile * fixed: /base Out Dir cmdparam was ignored (actually, it was used only when DBP file contained empty Base Out Dir key) * fixed: rsvars variables sometime cannot be read. * fixed: unknown /verbose parameter in console version * fixed: Console: can corrupt active Cmd window (when run in /tb mode with invalid profile) and leave temporary created directory undeleted * fixed: cmdparam /q was not supported * fixed: Replace Dialog did not closed with Escape if focus in Jv Combo Edit * fixed: UI: when user cancels build that contain any errors, progress bar is painted in RED, but must be YELLOW. Changed: added more rules to Delphi version autoguess (did not worked for Virtual Treeview) 5.

replace run with parsing * fixed: ensure that User-specified compiler switches (-$Letter -) will override any values provided by Lazy Builder (f.e. * fixed: Installation selection combo is painted incorrectly after Installations filter is changed * fixed: clear filter on Clear profile/Load profile * support: added /v cmdparam alias for /verbose * support: gui: Edit environment variables & search paths from main menu. New: generate C Builder files (checkbox in Build dialog).

Related to this: the Property Dialog now uses customizable Code Snippets (like the C# version) to insert access code and the predefined hard-coded options have been removed.

This allows more flexibility when creating property access code.

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Lazy Delphi Builder 1.: * fixed: blocker – console version ignored environment variables provided via /ev cmdparam Follow Lazy Delphi Builder page on Google . Lazy Delphi Builder 1.: * feature: Relative directories support (simply remove all parts with c:\Directory1\Directory2) * feature: in-place rename in tree (no Undo support) * feature: build log: added hotkeys Alt Up and Alt Down for errors navigation * feature: Main Menu - Build: added menu items “Continue build”, “Test build”, “Undo build” * feature: UI: hotkeys: Removed Alt C for Compile… added hotkeys Ctrl R, Ctrl H * fixed: “Build Release Dcu” option was not loaded from Lazy DBP file. Fixed: if lazy Dbp file is loaded via Recent, then it’s filename is not set for Open/Save dialogs 4.

Model Maker 11 is able to create/regenerate most method implementation code layouts.

Unlike previous versions, Model Maker 11 supports code at column 1 and allows local variables to be declared after local procedures etc. The Model Maker 11 Method Implementation Editor edits the entire method implementation in a single block of text.

Please report any bugs you find using the Sourceforge issue tracker (requires a Sourceforge login) or the bug reporting tool in the GExperts about box.

Thanks to Thomas Mueller who did most of the work for this release.