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She said she’ll be traveling with him when he tours South America in October.

Based on Idol’s hale appearance, she seems a good fit for the rocker, who has bounced back from drug addiction.

The White Wedding hitmaker has two grown-up children and admits he was terrified they would fall in with the wrong crowd and start taking illegal substances.

At one stage he suspected his daughter was hiding her drug use from him and feared she might have a problem, but he was delighted when he later realised both children had "grown out of" the phase and had been put off by seeing what addiction did to their dad.

“I’m thrilled to be bringing with a symphony has been a really unique and powerful way to reach a wide audience of classical and pop music lovers alike.

I couldn’t be more excited to see it continue in the U.

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In 1981, Idol moved to New York City to pursue his solo career in collaboration with guitarist Steve Stevens.Talking about the Pistols’ dynamic frontman, Idol wrote in his 2014 memoir Dancing With Myself, “Johnny [Rotten] started the home cut, the bad haircut that looked really good.This has remained the hair fashion statement among hip white kids to this day.”Idol helped found the late-‘70s group Generation X, which drew as much from the pop accessibility of the Fab Four as it did the look of punk-rock. K., the group disbanded and Idol went solo, the singer holding onto a desire to eschew punk’s message while embracing its spirit of anarchy.Billy Idol turns 60 on November 30th, but for a lot of his fans he’s perpetually in his late 20s, the age when his biggest hits were all over the radio and, probably more importantly, all over MTV.Writing about Idol’s legacy in the 2004 installment of the , critic Rob Sheffield opined, “Of all the mindless new-wave haircut rockers of the ‘80s, he was the most mindless, the most rocking, and the most ‘80s, shaking his fist, greasing his hair, and boozing and brawling through a rock-star trip that was so unironic, it had to be ironic.” And this was from someone who liked Idol’s music.Citi® is the official pre-sale credit card of the Classic Quadrophenia tour. is a 3-LP set featuring 16 tracks recorded live during the 2014-15 Kings & Queens of the Underground Tour!