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There are currently 108.6 million blogs on Tumblr, which might seem intimidating to anyone not already using it.Tumblr could be useful to you for many reasons, depending on what you're looking to get out of it, for example, inspiration, scrapbooking, communication or a portfolio.

Secondly, if you wish to link to this post, for whatever reason, feel free. Imagine what that does to a girl…I live for the days when I see him.”There are many problematic elements to Amy Pond.

Thirdly, if something on this list is unclear or you would like a further explanation feel free to drop me an ask, however I will not be responding to any hate I may receive so please try and be polite. They’re going to be people who feel like they can take on the Doctor, who’s quite an intimidating sort of person. Though she initially appeared to be a fairly progressive character, aside from a fair amount of appealing to the male gaze, by the end of series five she had been reduced to an incredibly passive role.

With that said, here is a list of everything I could find in which Steven Moffat demonstrates his ability to be a complete arse. So, they’re going to be feisty—they’re going to be all those things.” “I think the function of a companion is pretty simple. It’s just a question of who credibly is going to agree to go in the TARDIS? This passivity is perpetuated in her companion title “The Girl Who Waited” which also infantilizes her.

Interviews I remember when I was reading that story as a kid, Sherlock goes on and on about The Woman, the only one who ever beat him, and you’re thinking, he’s had better villains than this. That’s what it’s about.“And I thought, ‘well she’s really good. In series six we saw the mystical pregnancy storyline, which basically reduced Amy to her reproductive system, as well as making her a damsel in distress.

It’s just a shame she’s so wee and dumpy…When she was about to come through to the auditions I nipped out for a minute and I saw Karen walking on the corridor towards me and I realised she was 5’11, slim and gorgeous and I thought ‘Oh, oh that’ll probably work’.”“What is the base group of people who would run away with the Doctor? After this incredibly traumatic experience she has her baby stolen from her and is given no time to deal with the experience.