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Chances are that you’ve watched it yourself, and that you have girlfriends who own some of the seasons on DVD, or who have that infamous poster in their dorm room, or who have SATC quotes on their Facebook pages.

We love it primarily because it’s hilarious, but also because the girls talk about sex and relationships in a way that we can directly relate to. In case you’ve never seen it, the HBO series about Vince (played by the adorable Adrian Grenier), a fictional popular actor, and his cohort of friends – his careful manager Eric (affectionately called “E”), his older brother and less successful actor Johnny (“Drama”), his friend and driver “Turtle,” and his high-strung agent Ari.

Drama, meanwhile, is confident that he will nab himself an Oscar nomination.

He gets excited and follows after her, hoping she will remember him from the one time they met.

It’s a pattern we’ve seen before, on similar HBO show.

(Different gender, different coast, same basic concept.) Calling in from L. Big, runs through Sloan’s morning routine, and implies that I’m a dirty old man. Well, as you can see, we are definitely getting to know her a lot more.

The guys head to the studio to meet with Ari so Vince can ask him for more in addition to the 0 million Ari already gave Vince.

Ari doesn't want to do it because he'll have to involve financiers from Texas, but Vince is certain that he needs it to fully complete his vision.