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Beginning with the i Phone 3G S, a special designator called the ECID (Exclusive Chip Identification number) was incorporated into every i Phone manufactured.

Apple did this as a method to thwart jailbreaking and unlocking attempts.

Step 3) Run Tiny Umbrella (On Windows, you will have to run it in Administrator Mode.) Tiny Umbrella does not download your SHSH; you will have to download them from Cydia before running Tiny Umbrella.

Step 4) Click "Save my SHSH" and all the SHSH on your device that has downloaded from Cydia will be copied to your computer.

This signature is called the SHSH (an abbreviation for Signature Ha SH) and is also referred to as a blob (as a blob of data is received from Apple).

If your request is to restore to firmware that is not current, Apple denies the request by not sending a digital signature back to i Tunes, and the restore process comes to a halt with an error.

Several error messages can appear on i Tunes, and an average user needs plenty of time to figure them out.

With the introduction of i OS 4.0 firmware, Apple has also included the i Phone 3G in this plan.

Tiny Umbrella is used to restore firmwares that Apple is no longer signing.

Tiny Umbrella saves your SHSH for previous firmwares, which allows you to downgrade even when Apple is no longer signing that firmware.

Did you try restoring or updating your i Phone and got a i Tunes error -1 message?

Doing a full restore is not easy or fun because of these issues, which is why you need a solution.